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What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?If your answer was either:

  • "Follow the door with a toast in your mouth and I hope I don't miss the bus." "Well, whatever I can feel, maah."
  • then you should seriously consider the development.

    The writer Leo Babauta givers the next reason to have it.

    "The reason I like the morning routine is that not only is the sense of purpose, the peace and the rate before my day, but it guarantees that every morning I get certain things, namely my goals."My reason to build the morning ritual is similar: it is full of small, productive hibits that operate at the same time.

    I think it is much easier to get into a thread with my main work in this way, rather trying to sit down and start "cold" ..

    "Motivation increases with the expected confidence that you will win." |

    The development and use of this morning routine gives you a few things you can see on each day. This, in turn, strengthens your confidence and helps to suckered for even greater purses ...

    Besides, the morning ritual hives you an excuse to get out of bed in the morning, what you will be.

    Finally, the time you spend on your morning ritual is life to be the best "you" time that you will receive thrughout the day. Most people don't get up, and in the morning, it's unlimited you'll be interrupted. I love my time alone in the morning; that strange morning that someone else is getting up so early as I am, I'm actually a little rritatting ...

    For most of my life, I was a man who could sleep before me.

    And yet it meant that most of them saw me jam out of bed, making a shitload of clothes, and running out the door to get her to work on time. The morning ...

    But then they were.

    Like dreams, these losses were elsive, but won well. I needed time to relax, actually have breakfast, and maybe even read some time. I loved them.

    But my sleep slack wouldn't have allowed me a lot of them ... so I knew I had to come up with something.

    The method I came up with? In fact, I thrashed both.

  • I planned a tt with.
  • This tweet is scheduledfor.
  • Every morning, I have to wake up before the tweet comes out, log on to my computer and schedule it the next day ...
  • If I don't, people will see him, and I will pay them ...
  • Also, the #singingin tag will trigger.
  • You can get all the details of this method in my article at

    I use this method of early awareness for about five months, and it has.

    Another method that can work for you.

    As soon as I wake up, I'll get back to bed and.

    It's also done so I can pack a mew pieces of my ritual in.

  • Looking at my friend's cat, it's therapy.I'll take a ful of the temperature and let the sun wake me up a little bit more.
  • Check my calendar and check the day ahead.
  • As soon as these things are legal, there's almost nothing I can do because I'm awake. Then I go into my room, I turn on the computer, and I know the buffer. After this, the reinder of my morning ritual is as follows:

  • Step out of the door for a 30-minute walk, listening to podcasts.
  • Prepare breakfast and make decaf.
  • Have some breakfast while you watch.Read about 30 minutes-
  • Food is part of the ritual, actually, I eat the same thing every morning -- a hit I took from my friend.

    In case you're curious, this is my simple, delicious breakfast is:

  • Cooked spinach, with olivive oil, salt, and fried microwave garlic for four minutes.
  • Decaffee-caraffeine.Pretty simple things, but it's a lot more nutrans than the cotton cup ...
  • To start your own morning ritual, first we need to find a method that allows you to get up already enough to have enough time before your first real commitment of the day. You can try the method described above or find something else that works for you ...

    After that, follow them.

  • Check your targets.
  • Find out how long it takes you to finish them all this morning.
  • As soon as you have defined the required temporary block, start waking up much earlier ...
  • If essential, make an adjustment. If you hate to do something at the end of the day, reevaluate its value for your life ...
  • I also recommend that you get into practice.

    " The successful spiral-was supported by simple tracking of sucess-was a key hit for me. I'm starting to make little progress, and slowly strengambling the hab of building haits: this is how you tend to be successful in spiritful. "

    When I started pragticing my ritual, I used.

    I use it these days.

    Whether you want to keep it simple with something like Lift or get really a real HabitRPG, find a way a way to track your progress ...

    When I started out, it was really hard for me every day. You notice that it's not on my daughter screenshot of the screenshot above because it's become.

    If you are looking for more practical methods that can be implemented in the morning routine, there are eal sugesses:.

  • Expand or engage in yoga.
  • Write something is a hit I'll start to turn on.
  • To cook and eat bakfast is good for dinner in one (or more) food, so cooking does not make a lot of mental.
  • Going or running is the best.
  • Do a simple exercise, pushups, sit-ups, pull-ups.
  • Spend 30 minutes on one of your goals.
  • Before going to bed every night, you mentally run all the its in your morning ritual and think about their dependencies. Examples:

    The less friction you encounter during the morning ritual, the better ...

    When you start the morning with a lot of little production haits, it's very easy.

    I had a mew where in the past where I couldn't find the headphones, or I realized I did not have the balls. In the morning, I discovered that I was checking e-mail too early or.

    "The nature of the nature is changed" -Ovid |.

    Creating a morning ritual is a great way to start building some little exits that help you set the one of your day and eventually help you build the motivation to create more hiabits ...

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