Solve the problem of the neighbor dollee's problem with google docs

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After three years of living with a wide range of neighbors, I understand how this can be to make sure everyone gets undressed on an equal footing. During the course of the school year, cleaning the kitchen, dishes and other family responsibilities fall away, resulting in an apartment more like a disaster area than a living space. Moreover, with homes that have different people who cope with every community and household, debts may be lost in the shuffle and at

  • Lack of accountability for changes to the Debt Board. When there is a large number of neighbors living together, to keep an eye on those who are supposed to be huge. It’s even worse when you get a different debt number every day because of the variety of things that you have to pay for …
  • There are no markers with dry cleaning? I suppose that means you can’t change the debt board …
  • There is no repayment period for each debt. When all debts are consolidated into a single room, there may be a lack of urgency.
  • A party? It is better to remember to hide your debt board so you don’t enjoy the board that shows “interesting” works of art rather than debt ..
  • Since the readers of the Info Geek College should always look for better ways to do this, I propose a Google doc spreadsheet as the best alternative to managing your debts at home. Saved automatically, the process is quite painless; I created my spreadsheet in less than 10 minutes. Even better, Google’s digital spreadsheet doc is out of ways in which a typical debt payment cannot be executed …

    What are the benefits of using Google Docs to manage household debt?.

  • All changes are automatically tracked using the Revision History. You want to see why you suddenly owe someone $40 for blue? Check who made the change to the file > See change history. While you may be BFF with your neighbors, transparency is a key issue to keep such sensitive issues as money …
  • The spreadsheet remains closed for your neighbors only. By privatizing your document only to those emails that you have selected, you can store the debts stored on the Internet and away from the art currents of other people ..
  • Almost unlimited flexibility. As I have already said, the question that I have encountered with the past debt board is that we have not had any details to go with the debt recharge. With this new system, each new debt will have its own row with a column for one person, pay by date, and who pays at ..
  • ” That sounds great! But, Ryan, how do I do that? “.

    I’m glad you asked. Creating your own Google spreadsheet is a fairly simple process …

  • Log in with your account and visit.
  • Click Create New > Spreadsheet. This will create an empty new spreadsheet for editing ..
  • Configure the spreadsheet in a format similar to the following:.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, press “share” and you can enter the email of your neighbors. They will be notified of your new amazing household debt system …
  • Specify privacy settings to make the document private only to those who have been invited to the spreadsheet ..
  • There you have, amazing (and FREE), a new system to manage your household debt. No more dirty boards and much more responsibility. The only thing that’s supposed to be between you and your neighbors is the weird, weirdest residues that lie on the ground …

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