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I’ve been in high school since early 2006.  In this “short” amount of time, I learned a lot.  For example, do not drink alcohol, which does not like alcohol; do not use the alarm with easily accessible click buttons, or ever so popular, always knocking on the room to live in the room, even if you think your roommate is missing. * cringe *.

Having finished in December, I look back and I understand a lot of things, for example, why I behavated badly in some classes, why I did good in others, and more importantly, how to save your productivity without your motivation.   It’ll be a brief overview of everything that helped me in college.  We can tell you that I violated most of them. Let’ s start with some basics …

Council #1: Live in the dormitories for the first year of college, and then pull out hell!.

Dorms are good places to meet people and networks with people of similar interests and maggots.  You can get good advice and a lot of lifelong friends made in a dorm, I’ve turned it on.  However, if you are not one of the very rare percentages of people who, like the madness of the dormitories, are constantly and not alone, will come out in one year.  Some people can do that. Most people can’t.  Leave him alone.  The dorm rooms are destroying productivity.  There’s nowhere to go, your living space is small, and as a general rule, you will hate your neighbor after that in such a closed zone.  Better, better.Tip 2: Get the hippie job!

Most of the students come to college, they’re thinking and working, that’s the last thing they think about.  What’s better than having a party every night?  The answer is everything.  There’s nothing more terrible, terrifying, than leaving a college with more than $70,000 in debt and just having a bachelor.  Jobs also make you more productive and more motivated out of work.  They give you satisfaction that you have achieved something and that you value free time more.  Besides, everyone just complains that they miss anyone, and they can bring home Benjamin …

# 2.5: Get the job (this is relevant).

Make sure that the work you get is related to your main or desire after college.  Of course, in college, you think $12 an hour to sit and take tickets to the food court is much better than working in your field for $9.  It’s not right.  Check the math. If you work 20 hours a week this year, it’s only a $3,000 difference, but if you land on a salary after (or in) college, that amount can be made in one month.  Don’t take the easy way …

Tip #3: Organization.

Now that you have a job and a school, find a way to organize it.  Use a calendar system.  Personally, I fall in love with Google Calendar.  It sends reminders to you, allows you to easily exchange calendars, to schedule appointments (See.

Knowing when you have the time to do, or simply to be able to organize all your programs in one place is the time you need to do.  I even copied references as tasks to make myself look at them.  You can also schedule accounts.  It is based on the browser and is ideal for the student, plus, if you get an application as Rainmaker, you can just import your calendar onto your desktop.

Tip #4: Do not take your laptops to class.

“I’m going to take all the good notes, and I can look at them later and remember everything.“  -WRONG.  Any help from the laptop will only bring you pain, please reverse the 5x multiplier.  Just don’t do it, and if you have to, rip out the wireless card.  It’s the only way.  After I stopped taking notes on my laptop, my GPA had improved for a year and a half.  It’s just a distraction.  If you need a way to put notes on your computer, press the

button.Tip #5: Use LinkedIn.

The next two tips are short.  More than 40% of all employers look at your LinkedIn profile after you apply for work.  That’s a lot.  The number is increasing.  Do yourself a favor and put it there, and go on until the date …

Tip 6: Do not use your mobile phone as your alarm clock …

It’s too easy to turn off the knowhow or throw it across the room.  For maximum efficiency, place the alarm outside the room in which you are located, and specify a few hours.  You’re gonna wake up and get this to keep your ears open.  Too many classes were skipped because of this avoidable error.

Tip #7: Go to class ..

It seems easy.  Go to class.  If you missed the class because you can’t wake up in the morning, schedule further classes.  Try to get the job to be assigned to the classes.  Most colleges have work councils, and these employers are more than willing to work with you.  I spent up to three jobs at any time at school and had no planning problems.  You should be in a state with only a fine.  Even if you don’t think you’re in class, the odds of what you are.  You will remember more with sound training than reading the book ..

Tip #8: Tips for learning.

Don’t read the chapters.  It’s not a tip to tell you that you shouldn’t bend the book because you have to.  Instead, concentrate on keywords and skateboard around them if they are not easily understood.  Most of the teachers not only imported the key parts into the slides, but the sieve books were useless to make the book become more and more money for the publisher.  It is much more productive to explore other ways …

When reading slides, do what I do.  Crappy.  The biggest time I went to college, I scrolled six chapters of one organized slide and tried to keep all that knowledge.  Copy all slides to a single session in the order of the chapter.  Remove slides, slides, slides with stupid pictures, and slides that have such definitions as: “International”: more than one nation.  They’re wasteful, and you won’t know anything by looking at them for more than 0 seconds.  Once you have a puppy, everything that you look at will be entirely appropriate.  You’ll know more, and you’ll know faster …

Tip #9: Take breaks.

Interrupts breaks during studies, work, or anything you do in your life.  Your brain works better, and you’ll achieve much more.  Being upset for a long time, he never solved anything …

Tip #10: Attract.

Are you still reading this? Jez …I think that’s when I’m done.  The only thing I’d like to do in college was to get involved.  To join meaningless clubs like skydiving or rowing is fun, not mandatory, and a great way to get to know a completely different group of people than you are used to.  Not to mention, a lot of circles in college get amazing financial resources, and you can do some really cool stuff for cheap.  He looks great on resumes and good for network work ..

I will leave you with a few words of wisdom.  Go to college and have fun, but remember, paying $900 for student loans per month for $20,000 not only sucks, it’s almost impossible.  Put down time, and you’ll be glad you did the rest of your life.  It was said, I did a lot of stupid things, failed some tests, got bad grades and more college expenses than I should have, but I don’t regret …

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